School’s almost out. Most meal programs have ended. And the families who rely on them are on their own.

You can change that, with a gift of just $44 today.

Once the last bell rings in schools on June 29, 350 children in our community will lose access to their weekend food support.

…That’s two months for parents to worry about how they’re going to put food on the table for their family.

Here at Archway, we believe that everyone—no matter their situation—should have food available to them when they’re hungry.

Will you consider making a special gift to our Summer Starfish program, to make sure these children have enough food to eat each weekend in July and August?

For $44, you can provide one pack of nutritious food for one child in your neighbourhood—feeding them for up to two weekends over the summer!

That means your gift of: 

  • $132 provides packs of nutritious food to three children
  • $220 provides packs of nutritious food to five children
  • $440 provides packs of nutritious food for 10 children

Food like fruits, milk, eggs, tuna, oatmeal, vegetables, whole wheat bread and more!

If you’re willing, and able, to make a gift—please hurry! Our first distribution day is coming up soon on July 7th.

First Distribution Date

Last year at this time, we only had to purchase and prepare packs for 270 children. This year, we’re looking at almost 100 more.

Every little bit from compassionate people like you can help make sure we’re able to support them all.

Thank you for being so kind and caring!