This Easter, your special gift can help an Abbotsford family struggling to afford the rising cost of groceries

Just $23.11 provides a hamper of fresh and nutritious food that will feed a family of four for two whole weeks! (Donation form below)

Inflation and supply chain issues continue to affect all of us. Weekly grocery runs are costing more than they ever have before. Food—especially fresh and nutritious food—is expensive.

And for families in Abbotsford with access to fewer resources, that fresh and nutritious food is quickly becoming something they can’t afford.

In fact, many families in our community who didn’t need to use our food bank before must rely on it now. We’re doing our very best to make fresh and healthy food available… but in order to do that, we need support from helpers and doers like you.

One of the reasons we’re able to distribute food at the lowest cost possible is because of our partnerships with local grocery stores who regularly donate unsold produce and bread.

But lately, these stores haven’t always had extra items to donate. Which means we’ve had to purchase these items ourselves to make sure the families who rely on our services get the nutrients they need.

But we can’t keep that up forever. Our budget is being stretched, too.

Everyone should be able to access fresh and nutritious food such as eggs, dairy and fresh produce. Your special Easter gift will make sure they have it:

  • $115.55 provides a hamper full of fresh and nutritious food to five families
  • $231.11 provides a hamper full of fresh and nutritious food to ten families
  • $346.65 provides a hamper full of fresh and nutritious food to fifteen families

Thank you for giving so generously this Easter!


Archway is a Registered Canadian Charity #107678195 RR 0001

Costs are average and include the expense of preparing and providing hampers and food. All donations will be used for board-approved programs and projects of Archway Community Services, which include 90+ programs for community members in Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Langley and more. When any need or project goal has been met or cannot be completed, extra funds will be used in areas of greatest need. Tax receipts will be provided for donations of any amount.