You can provide essential services to struggling seniors

Your generosity can ensure seniors feel cared for and supported by their community today

Our seniors are struggling.

And many of them are doing it alone.

Your senior neighbours in Abbotsford are feeling more and more isolated in this fast-paced digital age. And inflation has been incredibly worrisome for those with low, or no, pensions.

In fact, the number of seniors coming to our Food Bank is rapidly increasing. In the month of March alone, we saw an 87% increase in seniors using our services.

Our grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, friends and neighbours are telling us they need help.

Will you step up to give that help today?

Your generosity can provide your senior neighbours with the care they need—like nutrient-rich meals and a community of people to support them.

With that care, our seniors will feel less alone. They’ll know they have kind neighbours like you alongside them.