You can help refill our Food Bank’s emptying shelves today

…Your kindness can make sure your neighbours receive the food they desperately need

Right now, as we pack hampers, we’re seeing food taken off the shelves, but not being replenished.

You see, we often receive donations of essential food items from generous grocery stores, farmers and donors in Abbotsford. But, with today’s high cost of groceries, it’s getting harder for them to part with those items…

…which means we need to purchase them ourselves.

And that’s becoming more and more difficult each day.

The need in our community is increasing fast. And we’re struggling to keep up.

So many of our neighbours rely on lovingly packed food hampers from kind neighbours like you to feed their families. But our budget is only so big. Soon, we may not be able to guarantee food for everyone in our community who desperately needs it.

The good news is, you can help!

Will you help refill our Food Bank shelves to ensure food hampers are packed with fresh and nutritious food for your neighbours today?

Your kindness can make sure that shelves will never be empty.