Meet Positive Living

(3-minute read)
By Rebecca Thuro

To start the satellite series off right, we are happy to introduce you to Chris. He oversees the Food Bank Satellite at Positive Living. Their programming serves over 200 people with HIV, Viral Hepatitis, TB and Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections. They also have programs for the street entrenched population. Chris has the unique experience of being both a graduate of positive living and knowing the struggles faced by those juggling their sickness and living on a government disability cheque very personally.


“When the budget does slip, the first item to fall off the priority list is food.” – Chris

Living with HIV means that a protein rich diet is required—a difficult task on a tight budget. Chris says that every dollar is budgeted and there is no room for treats or accidents. When the budget does slip, the first item to fall off the priority list is food. There is more than enough food in Abbotsford so that no one has to go hungry. With your support, the Food Bank Satellite is able to provide Positive Living participants with the ability to plan meals around their diet restrictions, budget and ensure they have enough food to feed their families.

Chris at the Positive Living Satellite location holding Boost. Make sure to check the labels, not all are created equal!


Getting enough protein is a matter of life and death. Chris is invested in saving the lives of his friends by recommending food that follows the strict diet restrictions and recipes that enable them to do so. His recipes include ingredients on the Satellite food bank shelves. Do you have a family member living with Diabetes? If so, then you know how important eating within a strict diet can be. Chris and Positive living know the importance of diet and surrounding yourself with people who can support a positive lifestyle.


Getting enough protein is a matter of life and death.

The Positive Living Food Bank Satellite location is able to give out 45 hampers a month and deliver 10-15 hampers right to the door of those who have extreme transportation barriers. Before Positive Living became a satellite, people living with HIV and Viral Hepatitis were not able to customize their hamper with the life-giving food required for their diet. Through this program partnership, we are able to reach further into the community and break down barriers towards feeding those who are hungry.


When you invest in your community through the Abbotsford Food Bank, you are building upon the trusted relationships and strength of our community. Together, we are building an atmosphere where change is possible, hope is attainable, and hunger is no more.