This is the exciting part!
You get to customize or edit your Online Fundraising Campaign in 8 easy steps.

Check out some Helpful Hints (ad link) and FAQ’s (ad Link) after you complete your Campaign information. Make a mistake? Don’t fret it. You can edit here after!

Enter a short name for your Online Fundraising Campaign (3-4 words).
Think about who will be seeing your campaign. What name would they quickly recognize as yours? You want your friends to know which campaign is yours.
example: “your name Birthday Rally”


Write a short description, just a few words long. This will appear below your campaign name.
example: “Help ‘your name’ celebrate their 1st Birthday”


Set your fundraising goal. Do you have a dollar amount in mind?
Try to stick to something you feel you can achieve.
Every dollar makes a difference!


How long will your run your Online Fundraising Campaign?
Consider a short timeline so that your friends don’t forget to participate 🙂

Full description time.
This is where you can write your story.
Consider sharing w
hy are you so amazing and want to do this. Is there a story or inspiration behind your idea?
You can jazz up this area with a small picture or graphic of your choosing. **Please only use images you have permission to use.

Featured Image – hint: You’re the feature!
This will be the main focal image, for all to see and quickly identify your online campaign amongst the rest.
Remember this fundraiser is about you and your good idea to be generous.

Donation Options
Consider starting the suggested donations at $25-$30. Or go with these:
$50 – Can supply 1 individual with groceries and support for a month
$100 – Can supply 2 individuals with groceries and support for a month
$200 – Can supply 4 individuals with groceries and support for a month
$525 – 1 full school year of weekend meals for a child and their family


Now you know what to do below.

We can’t wait to partner with you in your online fundraiser!