Our shelves are emptying faster than we can fill them. 

Please consider setting a place in your heart for our neighbours who don’t have enough to eat this Thanksgiving.

“Truth be told, most of these shelves should be a lot more full.”

That’s what Tracy, our Fund Development Coordinator said just the other day as she walked through the Food Bank.

Inflation and rising food prices have taken its toll on the children and families of Abbotsford. 

But they’ve also taken a toll on our Food Bank as well. 

More people in our community are struggling than ever. 

They’re single moms like Tanya, who recently lost her job and all of her health benefits. 

They’re retired nurses like Barb, who’s pension isn’t enough to cover rent, gas, heat, and food. 

They’re immigrants who are starting from scratch at 40 or 50 years old. 

We want to do everything we can to make sure that, no matter what, they always have food on the table. 

But we need the help of kind and caring people like you to do it. 

Your gift of $65 can provide one hamper of food that will keep two people fed and nourished for up to two whole weeks.

That’s two weeks where they’ll be able to save money or put it towards another important expense. 

What a gift that would be! 

Please use the donation form on the right to make your generous gift. We promise to put it to work right away to fill those shelves and get food in the hands of our neighbours!

Thank you!