This Thanksgiving, share your blessings with families in need right here in Abbotsford

While you’re preparing your table for family and friends, will you also prepare a place in your heart for your most vulnerable neighbours?

This Thanksgiving, almost 3,000 people in your community won’t be able to put enough food on the table for their loved ones.

Families like Nadine’s.

One day, Nadine began experiencing severe back pain—the kind that makes it impossible to focus on anything else. As a result, she had to quit her job as a dental hygienist.

As a single parent, the loss of her job was devastating. There was no one else to help her put food on the table for her young daughter. Disability benefits weren’t enough to cover all her expenses. Overwhelmed and scared, Nadine turned to Archway Food Bank.

Too many of your neighbours have stories just like Nadine’s. They’re overwhelmed and scared too. They don’t know where their next meal will come from… or if their next meal will come at all. 

This Thanksgiving, you have the power to change that. For just $21, you can provide a family of four with fresh groceries for an entire week.

Just look at all that your generosity can do:

  • $21 provides groceries for one family for one week
  • $42 provides groceries for two families for one week
  • $63 provides groceries for three families for one week
  • An amount meaningful to you will provide groceries for as many families as possible


    Thanks to the Thanksgiving groceries filled with your kindness and compassion, Nadine will be able to provide food for her little girl this Thanksgiving.

    Now that is something to be grateful for.