What is the Christmas Bureau?

Christmas can be a difficult time, especially on a limited income. That’s why we have two options for you to receive support in the form of food and gifts over the holidays. Once approved for the Christmas Bureau, you can choose to be sponsored by the community or to receive what’s available at the Christmas Bureau. For those sponsored out to the community, you can expect to receive your food hamper, ingredients for a Christmas dinner and gifts delivered to your door. If you receive help through the Christmas Bureau you will have the opportunity to shop for your children in the toy room that is graciously stocked by our community, a regular food hamper, and some extra Christmas goodies will be included.

What can I expect after I fill out the application?

Please note: Filling out the application DOES NOT automatically qualify you for the Christmas Bureau.

**Please ensure you are ONLY adding dependent children who are on your food bank file. Any partner/spouse and children added to your Christmas form who are not on your Food Bank file will need to be added BEFORE your Christmas form is processed.

A staff member will contact you to either:

  1. Ask you to come in and financially qualify or to update your file to complete the application (First time? Find out what you need to qualify click: here)
  2. If your file is updated and you’ve already financially qualified, a staff member will call to give you a date to come in for food and gifts in the case that you are not sponsored this year.

Please call the Abbotsford Christmas Bureau if you have any questions or concerns.

Call Lala at 604-859-5749 ex 24 or Laura at ex 32

Christmas Bureau applications are no longer available online. Please come into the Abbotsford Food Bank to apply in person.



I understand that the Christmas Bureau has the right to refuse any application and that my name WILL BE cross checked with churches and other agencies providing Christmas hampers.