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Fresh Food Recovery

Fresh Food Recovery is our newest program where we are able to divert fresh food from landfills and create access to fresh food for our neighbours.

Monday to Friday:  8:30 am – 11:30 am

Volunteers in this role will be helping in three ways:


Volunteers in this role will sort the fresh food that comes in each morning.  The fresh food that we receive each day has to be sorted into two categories: food that our guests can use and food that we give to farmers.

This position requires minimal lifting.


All fresh food that we receive needs to be tracked. Volunteers in this role will weigh all incoming Fresh Food Recovery totes and record data into an app.

This positions requires you to lift at least 25 lbs

Cleaning Crew

Volunteers in this role will be tasked with making sure cleanliness is maintained throughout the shift.  Duties will be include washing totes, organizing bins, and other cleaning duties.

Sign up and you will be contacted with availability and follow up requirements, including a criminal record check.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Food Bank!

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Hamper Distribution

Food hamper distribution depends on our reliable volunteers. Below are a list of jobs that help distribute food and create a welcoming environment for those accessing food at the food bank for their families.

Morning shifts: 3 hour commitment Monday – Thursday – 9am-12pm
Afternoon shifts: 2 hour commitment Monday – Thursday – 1pm – 3pm

Volunteers can help in these 5 ways:

Floor Runner

Volunteers in this role will be performing multiple duties and may need to multitask. You will be available to the Hamper Window volunteers  – assisting in anything they may need. Other duties will include making sure various stations are full – produce, dairy, and hampers.

Hamper Window

This position is responsible for distributing hampers and extras to the guests of the Food Bank.  You will interact with our guests, asking and responding to various requests.

Door Greeter

This position is responsible for organizing the flow of our guests as they enter and exit our building.   You will interact with our guests, asking and responding to various requests.

Hamper Maker

This position is responsible for making the hampers to be distributed by the Hamper Window.  Volunteers will make hampers by following a packing list based on the household size.

Shelf Stocker

This position is responsible for keeping the hamper room shelves fully stocked. Other duties may consist of packaging rice and sorting mixed boxes of food into their correct places.

Home Delivery Driver

This position is responsible for the delivery of both fresh and non-perishable food items to individuals who are unable to come to Archway Food Bank due to a physical or mental disability, illness or other condition. Ideally, drivers deliver in teams of two, so ask a friend or family member if they would like to join as well!

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Large groups make light work!

Volunteer groups at the Food Bank Warehouse are asked to assist with sorting food donations that have come in from food drives. Food is separated into our 19 different categories that make up the food hampers that are distributed to 3,000 people each month.

These categories of food are based on food type, nutrition, and quantity, for our emergency hamper components. Think of it as reverse shopping; matching food items to signs on a shelf and stocking that shelf.

Food Sorters:

For groups 6-20 people in size and ages 11+. A minimum 2-hour time commitment is needed. This is a wonderful volunteer experience. Group bookings are available Monday through Friday between 10am-7pm (excluding Holidays). Please pre-book your group here.

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​Or email Lynden Pennell: volunteerfb@archway.ca