Senior Application

First time with the Christmas Bureau? You will be contacted after the form is filled below.

What is the Christmas Bureau?

Christmas can be a difficult time. We are here to help! The Christmas Bureau is a separate program from the Food Bank. There are two options for you. Either to be directly supported by a Christmas Neighbour or invited to receive gifts and Christmas Food Basket through the Christmas Bureau at a separate location from Food Bank. Application lower on this page

*New for 2023* Applications for the Christmas Bureau program requires an income test and applications close November 24th.

Direct Support from Christmas Neighbour

For those matched with a Christmas Neighbour, you will receive ingredients for a Christmas dinner, and a small gift delivered to your door or at a desired meet up location. For this, you MUST have a working phone or email to be in contact with the Christmas Neighbour.

They will contact you to arrange a drop-off date and location. If you are not comfortable with a visit from a sponsor, please ask us about our alternate delivery options.

Christmas Bureau Distribution

For those receiving gifts and Christmas food basket through the Christmas Bureau, you will have the opportunity to receive a small gift and Christmas treats from the Christmas Bureau.

What can I expect after I fill out the application?

The Christmas Bureau has moved! Please make sure to verify your income at the location that will be provided to you.

If you would like a copy of your application – please click “Download or print responses”.  You will be contacted within 2 weeks to ask to verify your income before qualifying for the service. Once enrolled in the program you will either be given a date for the Christmas Food Basket pick up and location. If matched with a Christmas Neighbour you will no long require the Christmas Food Basket pick up date.

Feel free to contact the Christmas Bureau (604-859-5749 ex 40). 

Please make an appointment and bring in all necessary information to ensure we process your application.

Documents Required for Income verification:

Christmas Bureau has now reached capacity.

Applications will reopen in October 2024

Please note that your application will be cross-checked with your Food Bank file. To avoid delays, ensure that you are only adding family members that are currently on your file. Any family members added to your Christmas Bureau application that are not on your Food Bank file, will need to be added with documentation before your application can be processed.