Senior Application

First time with the Christmas Bureau? You will be contacted after the form is filled below.

What is the Christmas Bureau?

Christmas can be a difficult time. We are here to help! The Christmas Bureau has two options for you. Either to be sponsored by someone in the community or invited to receive gifts and food through the Christmas Bureau at the Food Bank. Application lower on this page

Due to our limited capacity , applications close December 4th.

Sponsored by the community

For those sponsored by the community, you will receive a food hamper, ingredients for a Christmas dinner, and a small gift delivered to your door. For this, you MUST have a working phone or email to be in contact with the sponsor.

They will contact you to arrange a drop-off date. If you are not comfortable with a visit from a sponsor, please ask us about our alternate delivery options. This year we are asking all sponsors not to enter any home.

Christmas Bureau Distribution

For those receiving gifts and food through the Christmas Bureau, you will have the opportunity to receive a small gift, food hamper and extra Christmas treats from the Food Bank.

What can I expect after I fill out the application?

If you provided us with a valid email address, you will receive an automated email letting you know that we have received your application. If you do not receive an automated email, feel free to contact Christmas Bureau (604-859-5749 ex 32). If your file has been updated this year, you will be contacted when matched with a sponsor.


If you applied in October and haven’t been sponsored by your November hamper, you will be given a December date and will be expected to keep it. Food and gift(s) will be provided to you during that December appointment.


If you are not registered, or your file has not been updated this year, you will be contacted to update.

Please note that your application will be cross-checked with your Food Bank file. To avoid delays, ensure you are only adding family members that are currently in your household and on your file. Any family members added to your Christmas Bureau application that are not on your Food Bank file, will need to be added with documentation before your application can be processed.

Filling out this application DOES NOT automatically qualify you for the Christmas Bureau. You will be contacted about options.