When money is tight, fresh and healthy food is often the first thing to go.

Your generosity this Easter can provide fresh food staples to community members facing financial insecurity.

Everyone in Abbotsford needs access to delicious, fresh, and nutritious food, no matter what their income is.

But produce prices have skyrocketed, so nutritious, healthy foods are often out of reach.

It’s not just boxed and canned foods that Food Bank users are looking for — it’s fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat that provide their bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients.

With the growing increase in the number of people accessing the food bank, we’ve needed to start buying more food than ever before.

A gift of $250, $375, or even $500 from a caring neighbour like you can provide fresh food staples like apples, milk, eggs, potatoes, and carrots to members of our community — making sure users of the Food Bank leave with ingredients for a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Your kind-hearted support will increase our ability to make more fresh food available. With you on our side, we’ll be able to create a more just community where everyone has what they need to thrive!

Please use the giving form on the right to make your generous gift. We’ll get started right away to put more fresh food in your neighbours’ hands.

Thank you!