Christmas Bureau

Christmas Bureau

What is IT?

The Christmas Bureau is a unique and meaningful way to connect a family or senior living on low-income with a Christmas sponsor. Sponsors are made up of groups, businesses or families from the community at Christmas. The Christmas Bureau matches the sponsors to the desired family size and then the sponsor has the privilege of purchasing food and gifts for the family.  The experience is completed with the heart-warming delivery of the items directly to the family’s home.

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Basics for Babies

Basics for Babies

Receive Basics for Babies

Baby supplies are available to parents in Abbotsford who live in a low-income household. Please apply in person with:

  • Proof of household income* (2 current pay stubs, proof of EI or pension, assistance stub and Child Tax Credit)
  • Health Card
  • Picture ID

*household income consists of all adults living in home.

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Lisa is a single mother of twins under 2, with another baby on the way. She comes into the Food Bank for groceries, but more importantly for the diapers, wipes, baby cereals, and jar food that are so necessary for her little one. The larger her twins grow, the more expensive diapers get, making it very hard for Lisa to make ends meet while surviving solely on income assistance and child tax. Recently, Lisa expressed to our volunteers how grateful she is for the provision of baby supplies at the Food Bank. “I don’t know what I’d do without the support from the Food Bank for diapers and baby food” she said. With another little one soon to be born, Lisa felt extra appreciative that she has somewhere to come to provide such practical support for herself and her kids.

Starfish Pack Abbotsford

Starfish Pack


We need your help to feed over 640 children in Abbotsford. Please consider making a donation or donating monthly by clicking on the button below.


Do you Need Starfish Pack?

Please talk to your principal or youth care worker to find out how to register your child.


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The Starfish Pack Program was created in response to teachers hearing the cry of their students.  Teachers were heartbroken to hear their students were coming to class on Monday morning hungry, reporting that they had not eaten over the weekend.

We are currently delivering Starfish Packs to over 640 children throughout Abbotsford

How it Works

$20.38 fills one Starfish Pack. $693 fills a Starfish Pack every weekend of the school year.
The Starfish Pack Program would not be possible without the generosity of our community.  Each week volunteers pack two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners and healthy snacks into the backpacks for the weekend. Then the packs are delivered to the elementary school each week for the whole school year.

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Fresh Food Recovery

The Abbotsford Food Bank has partnered with local grocery stores to provide access to healthy produce to those living with food insecurity.

How it works



A mom who has benefited from the fresh produce said this:

“I have dietary restrictions and the produce my family and I need is too expensive to buy each week.  I am so thankful to the farmers for giving to the food bank. Now my children are eating more nourishing food, and I am too.”

Receive Produce

Produce is available seasonally. To receive produce you must live in Abbotsford and living in a low income household. Please apply in person with the following.

  • Proof of household* income (2 pay stubs, proof of EI, pension or assistance & Child Tax Credit)
  • Health Cards for all family members
  • Picture ID

*household consists of all adults living in home.

High Protein

This is a specialized program that provides higher protein food hampers for those in low income households and living with HIV or Aids. We work together with Positive Living to provide specific dietary requirements.

High Protein Hampers are distributed through Positive Living:

 Please contact Positive Living to discus the support available to you. Click HERE for more info.


Supplemental Food

Supplemental Food Hampers

Emergency Hampers

Our main focus is to provide food security in low income households until the household is self sustaining. Ensuring children have access to the nutrition needed during development is our mission. Please consider adding some non-perishable items to your grocery shopping list for the Abbotsford Food Bank!

For food assistance please click here:

Need Help with Food?