Your neighbours are facing impossible choices this summer: pay bills or put food on the table?

With your generous gift to the Starfish Pack Program, you can fill summer food gaps—and help families focus on making happy, joyful memories.

No family ever wants to make the decision between paying bills or buying groceries for their family.

But that’s what many of your neighbours right here in Abbotsford are facing this summer.

They’re resilient, they work hard, and they want their kids to have special summer experiences… but lately, they’re under more and more pressure to make difficult financial decisions.

During the school year, families can count on school meal programs and weekend Starfish packs to keep their kids healthy and fed. But school will soon be out for the summer, and those meals will be gone. Families will be facing big gaps when it comes to food accessibility and their kids’ nutritional needs.

There’s a simple and meaningful way you can help us fill the gaps and make food accessible for kids this summer: a Starfish pack. Your gift of $42.10 today can cover one student’s pack for two weeks.

Summer vacation should be a time of joy, fun, and happy memories for kids. They shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to eat tomorrow.

Without Starfish packs, that’s what could happen.

This summer, Starfish enrollment will be higher than it’s ever been. We’re expecting around 475 kids: 23% more than last summer.

Can you help us be ready for every single one of them? The last day of school is June 28 and we need to have Starfish packs ready to go as soon as summer vacation starts.

This would be a truly exceptional summer if we could welcome with open arms every single family that signs up—all because a kind, generous neighbour like you stepped in to help cover the gaps.

Countdown Until the Last Day of School