New Way to Give

Heroes of Hope is a new initiative at the Food Bank that allows you to partner with us on an ongoing basis through giving financially on a monthly basis.

Why give a financial donation?

By leveraging your support to garner additional resources and funding, we make every dollar go further.

Why give monthly?

It is easy for you — and the sustainability and predictability allows the Abbotsford Food Bank to use your dollars more efficiently helping more people.

How do I join?

You can either sign up through your credit card on our website by clicking on Monthly Giving under the donation drop down menu or you can come in to either the Food Bank or Abbotsford Community Services and sign up through monthly bank withdraws or credit card.

Why give to the Food Bank?

Each month the Abby Food Bank helps to feed 3,000 Abbotsford residents who don’t have enough to eat, over 40% of them are children!  When you help feed a hungry mouth – especially that of a child – you are providing them with so much more than just nutrients, you are providing them with hope. Knowing that when you fall on tough times that there are others out there who care and will support you is one of the most powerful gifts one person can offer another.

If you have any questions please e-mail Brad.