UBC Dental Student Blitz!

We are so delighted when we see students give with their time and their heart. Have you heard about our Free Dental clinic?  Our on-site dental facility works with generous volunteer dentists, hygienists and dental assistants that share their needed services with low income households through the Abbotsford Food Bank. To help meet the growing need 12 UBC Dental students and 2 instructors came for a 1 day dental blitz. We always have fun when the UBC students arrive!

Helped 9 patients in 8 hours and

completed $2780 worth of dental work

The work they did included extractions, x-rays and fillings. Together we not only helped people who really needed relief, but we brought hope to households.  Through needed service like this, we communicated “our community cares”.  One cannot help but feel impacted after seeing our community come together to bring positive change.

The Free Dental relies on licenced dentists volunteering their time and heart. Currently we are in search of more dentists, hygienists and dental assistants.  If you can help please contact Lala, 604-859-5749 ex 24.