Stories from the Change Makers

Did you know that if you live in Abbotsford, you are living in a place that is considered one of the most generous communities in Canada? We can certainly testify to the fact that our community rallies around those in need and has the heart to see lives changed.

We would like to introduce you to some of the friendly faces of Abbotsford. They are your neighbours who know the joy of giving in Abbotsford.


Sacrificing an over the top Christmas for my own family and sharing a portion of the money I would have spent on them with a family that has less than we do was probably more of a blessing to me than to the family we sponsored. We went over the required gifts for the child, but it still wished we could have given more. We also went over the required food amount, but once it was all together seemed like not a lot. When I look at my weekly grocery bill I can’t help but want to give the same level as what I expect to give to my own family. The family was thankful for the help. Their reaction to our support wasn’t so much the impact on our family but the process. My daughter and granddaughter helped deliver the gifts. Just walking into an apartment complex and hallway we would never normally see was impacting. The process was a great reminder that when we sacrifice some abundance and experience less indulgence, our lives are enriched even more.”

– Joyce Sukkau





We wanted to start a tradition for our kids so that they can learn the value of helping others, especially during the holidays. We are not only helping a family in need but we are also teaching our children to be generous and kind to others.”

– Richel Pedersen






“Local businesses are successful because of the support of their community and I feel it’s my responsibility as a business owner to return that support.  Everyone will experience successes and struggles throughout their lifetime and I believe it’s important to help when you can and accept help when you must.  Abbotsford’s Food Bank is operated by amazing people and it’s my pleasure to work with them to support my community in any way I can.”

-Chris Gauthier




“We make it a priority to give where we live – where we can make a difference in the lives right here in Abbotsford.”

-Henry and Velma Braun




Do you want to be a change maker too? You can make a difference in our community here, through the Abbotsford Food Bank and Christmas Bureau by donating, volunteering or sponsoring!

A BIG thank you to all of the above change makers who were willing to share their stories publicly.