Summer Wrap Up

Here’s the inside scoop on our latest summer students experiences. Every summer we welcome local university students to experience life at the Abbotsford Food Bank through a government subsidy program. This year we had the pleasure of welcoming two summer students into our office. We had a great time getting to know them and were blessed by the energy they brought to the team and are excited to introduce you to them. Read more to find out how their expectations were met! Meet Lucas and Corinna.


Hey! I’m Lucas Driediger.

I am a 24-year-old ecology and nonprofit management student attending BCIT. My interest in the non-profit sector is what drew me to work at the Abbotsford Food Bank. It’s been a rewarding experience being able to work with the staff on fundraising and event planning, as well as working directly with Food Bank members.


The highlight of my summer was being able to work on putting together the first ever Food Bank Open House and BBQ. The organization and planning were daunting as there were so many working parts associated to pull it off. But in the end, we had a successful event with over 200 people attending. I spent the evening as a tour guide, showing behind the scenes action of the Food Bank. People were most surprised by the scope of the work that goes on here. With over 10 programs offered, it’s apparent that this is MUCH more than just a food resource. This surprise often led to questions concerning the most impactful ways to give. Through monetary donations, the Food Bank is able to purchase food at up to 3x buying power! Furthermore, participation in the Heroes of Hope monthly giving program reduces administration costs associated with receipting and allows staff to budget more accurately for the fiscal year.


The Open House was a testament to both the capabilities of the staff as well as the support and generosity of our donors. The Food Bank wouldn’t exist without YOUR support. I look forward to staying in touch with this place as it continues to adapt its programming to meet the changing needs of our city.

Hi! I’m Corinna Steffen.

I am a 23 years old Political Science grad from UFV. My plan is to attend a Master’s in Public Policy and Public Administration, in the fall of 2018. I hope to work with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of environmentalism and law.

I started volunteering at the Abbotsford Food Bank in May of 2017, I did not think that I would be approached with the opportunity to do a summer internship. I have spent most my internship developing “Food Insecurity” material for elementary and middle schools in Abbotsford. Working at the Food Bank has also put into practice a lot of things that I have learned through my undergraduate studies. My experience here has enriched my own perspective seeing first-hand how important adequate nutrition is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By understanding each individual’s experiences, the Food Bank is able to provide the appropriate resources to the people who come to receive help. What was also influential was being able to see the diversity of the people who access the resources at the Food Bank. Simply saying that the experience has been rewarding would be an understatement for sure.


My experience at the Food Bank has certainly been memorable. The staff has been friendly; the atmosphere welcoming, and the work has been engaging. I am looking forward to continuing working here through the fall.



We are so grateful to Corinna and Lucas and the time and heart they put into each of the projects they were tasked with. We are hopeful for their future and know will continue to positively impact our community. We wish all the best to Lucas and Corinna as they pursue their dreams and continue studies.