Help Make this Christmas Memorable

Christmas is a season full of hope, joy and wonder. It represents time spent with family, friends and the opportunity to spoil those we love the most. But for many in our community, it can also be difficult – especially if you have trouble putting food on the table. Thankfully, a gift to the Abbotsford Food Bank & Christmas Bureau can change that.


Ann’s Story

“Last year was the first time in 47 years that I was going to celebrate Christmas alone. My husband’s illness had robbed us of our home, our income, and everything that we had come to know. With him gone, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Fortunately, someone told me about the Food Bank & Christmas Bureau. I honestly had no idea what to expect. But when the support came, I was amazed beyond measure by the generosity shown to me. It warmed my heart to know that a group of people actually cared. What I felt was bleak became so much more than I could have ever imagined.” – Ann


Andrea’s Story

“We had an amazing Christmas. I can’t believe what my daughter and I received! What a blessing! 2017 was an absolute train wreck for me and was unable to work due to a car accident at no fault of my own. We were so blessed to have received our sponsors and I will be forever grateful for what they did. It will be a Christmas we always remember. They definitely went above and beyond. And thank you to the Christmas bureau for making it possible!” – Andrea




Ralph’s Story

“We received such lovely gifts from the Christmas Bureau, and they will be treasured for a very long time to come. We also received wonderful treats that we could have never bought for ourselves, such as a large, festive box of cookies and a beautiful tray of fine chocolates, which made the season even more special for us. We only received one small gift from each other this year, and so the gifts from the Christmas Bureau were so very special for us. We were surprised and delighted to receive such kindness during a time of immense stress and need. The pleasant memories you helped create will not soon be forgotten. Again, a big thanks to all involved to make this happen. Your efforts were very much appreciated!” – Ralph



Beth’s Story

“The experience this year was far more than I could have ever imagined! I was in tears and I’m eternally grateful for the love, support, kindness and absolute generosity I received from my sponsor. They went far above and beyond anything I have ever seen before, it was the most humbling, blessed and touching time of my entire life. I cannot express my gratitude enough. My heart was so deeply touched that I have no words to fully explain it.” – Beth