Erica’s Video of Hope and Tears

Can we pass you a virtual Kleenex? When you give to Archway Food Bank, you are making a difference in the lives of people like Erica.

“I had literally lost everything” Erica Friberg explained to us. “I lost my house, I lost my dogs, I lost most of my belongings, lost my self-worth and my confidence. I didn’t know who I was anymore”.

After a career in banking for 18 years and helping run her own restaurant in Mission for a year and a half, Erica lost everything when she escaped an abusive marriage taking the clothes on her back, and her children. Erica was at her lowest. She even contemplated suicide. Thankfully, she received the help she needed through many services in Abbotsford. The Women’s Resource Society shelter gave her a place to stay and assisted her and her children in securing housing at the Christine Lamb Residence. Once her family was as Christine lamb, they received so many necessities. “Food, clothing, shelter, therapy, hugs when I needed it. It was absolutely amazing” Erica said.

That’s when the Archway Food Bank enters Erica’s life. At this point in Erica’s life, she needed to know her life was important. When she was helped at the Food Bank, she had this to say – “They didn’t treat me like anybody who didn’t deserve to be here, they treated me with the utmost respect.”  But without a car, getting to the Food Bank had been difficult. Fortunately, the Abbotsford Food Bank opened a satellite location in the Christine Lamb Residence eliminating her need to travel, and maintaining the life giving support. The direct access to food made a big difference to ensuring her family had food security.

“They didn’t treat me like anybody who didn’t deserve to be here, they treated me with the utmost respect.”

At Christmas she was able to receive gifts for her children and food for a Christmas dinner. – “It was probably one of the best Christmas we ever had”. To this day her children talk about how Archway Community Services met them at their lowest and helped them rise above the circumstance and know they were not alone.


When you give to the Archway Food Bank and Christmas Bureau, you are a part of changing lives like Erica’s. We are so thankful for your support and for the bravery of Erica for sharing her story with us. We hope you were inspired too.