Fresh Food at Thanksgiving

Cans of soup? Dried goods? Simple meals? Stereotype challenged!

Within the last few years, we’ve done a lot to change the quality of food we provide. With the help of the community, we were able to start the “Fresh Food Recovery” program. 

It starts with our drivers hitting the road early in the morning to pick-up fresh food from local grocery stores. We receive foods nearing expiry, misshapen foods, or things lightly bruised.  

Then, our volunteers sort: 

  1. Good quality food is sorted out and brought into our coolers; 
  1. Next, foods that don’t meet our requirements and standards are distributed to local farmers to feed to their livestock; 
  1. And the rest gets composted. 

The process maximizes the amount of people we serve, all while helping reduce waste.  

The Impact 

Once sorting is done, our volunteers and staff begin distribution. For families and individuals that are able, we distribute food directly through the Food Bank, 4 days a week.  

For those who are sick, immune compromised, or physically impaired, we deliver. We are on track to deliver to over 140 individuals on a monthly basis thanks to our partners and volunteers.  

With food recovery, we have also been able to expand our network of partner organizations. It’s exciting to see the food being used across Abbotsford, either given out or used in schools, churches, kitchens, and ministries.  

Drive, Sort, Distribute 

It’s all pretty simple. Over 40,000 lbs of fresh food per month gets distributed to over 3000 people all across Abbotsford. This is by far more affordable than purchasing the food wholesale which means we can serve healthy food to more people than ever, with less resources.  

Thanks to you we can keep the doors open and people fed no matter what comes our way.  We cannot do it without you!