Tammy’s Story

by Lucas Driediger

I was first introduced to Tammy earlier this Fall. Although she had used the Food Bank off and on in the past, the pandemic and changed things. With some newly diagnosed health issues, contracting any new sickness has created new challenges.

Thankfully, the combination of her positive attitude, strong demeanor, and community support have helped her get by in this time.

Early Life

Early in her career, she had an accident that quickly dashed her ability to keep up on the jobsite. Unable to work and with no network of family to draw on, she had to make some hard lifestyle changes to provide for her kids.

Health Challenges

Recently, Tammy’s situation took a turn for the worse. After dealing with some inexplicable health issues, Tammy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Now, the risk of COVID is literally life-threatening, forcing her to stay at home.


“My diagnosis makes it too risky for me to leave the house,” she explains.

Tammy has cycles in and out of the hospital as her symptoms worsen and ease. With no end in sight for her ailments or the pandemic, feeding her family became next to impossible. Thankfully, the community came together help people like Tammy, to whom quarantining is a necessity.

Hope This Christmas

Because of our generous community, like you, volunteers were able to quickly deliver food – socially distanced – straight to Tammy’s door.


“The volunteers call ahead of time to schedule a drop off. Although I can’t talk with them face-to-face, I am so grateful for the support.”


This Christmas, Tammy will be able to look forward to a Christmas meal (and even gifts for her daughter) delivered straight to her door.

Thank You

Although Tammy’s road to recovery isn’t complete, people like you help make it much more manageable. Your help ensures more families like hers stay fed and safe this Christmas. Please consider giving a financial gift this Christmas.

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