Donations Needed to Support Intense Need at Archway Food Bank

The Archway Food Bank has seen a 72% increase in the number of people facing food insecurity this year which is straining their resources.

After finalizing the year-end numbers, staff found that 9,108 individuals accessed food in 2022 compared to 5,302 individuals in 2021.

“Each year, we’re seeing an increasing need for food security programs,” said George Carter, an Archway Food Bank Supervisor. “This Christmas we had more than 1,100 households apply for support through our Christmas Bureau.”

Some households are sponsored through a matching program, but the majority receive holiday hampers, toys and gift cards directly from the Archway Food Bank.

“Thankfully we were able to support everyone who needed help this Christmas, but we’re worried about our ability to continue meeting the increased demand in 2023,” said Carter.

Each month, more than 3,500 individuals access the Archway Food Bank. They receive a monthly food hamper and some basic supplies like diapers, formula and feminine hygiene products as available.

“Not only does the need keep going up, grocery prices have gone up which means the donations don’t go as far as they used to,” said Carter.

The Archway Food Bank is supported primarily through donations by individuals, organizations or local fundraising activities, with the majority of donations usually coming in December.

“We’re experiencing the highest cost of living in decades, and unfortunately it makes it harder for people to donate,” said Jennifer Willford, Archway Manager of Philanthropy. “Our community has been so supportive, but we still have a long way to go to meet the intense need we’ve been experiencing.”

“If you are looking to make a donation before the end of the year, we’d be grateful if you consider supporting the Archway Food Bank.”

Those wishing to make a donation can visit Donations received or postmarked by Dec. 31st will receive a 2022 charitable tax receipt.