Christmas Neighbours Needed

A program of our Food Bank is searching for individuals and organizations to help make Christmas a little brighter for hundreds of families and seniors in Abbotsford.


The Archway Christmas Neighbour program matches families and seniors with a Christmas Neighbour who delivers Christmas gifts and food supplies directly to them.

More than 800 families and seniors have applied for support while only 138 people or groups have applied to become a Christmas Neighbour.


“This is a great start, and we’re so thankful for their support, however there are still hundreds of people without a match currently,” said Rebecca Thuro, the Programs Supervisor at Archway Food Bank.


“The requests for support often outweigh our ability to create matches, but this year the mismatch is even greater than normal. Last year we had 240 individuals, businesses and organizations who directly supported more than 350 families and seniors.”


Those who are not matched with a Christmas Neighbour will be able to choose gifts from the Archway Christmas Bureau toy room and receive a holiday food hamper.


The Christmas Bureau was the first program of the agency and is celebrating its 55th year.


“We’re fortunate to live in a generous community that has supported their neighbours for decades,” said Thuro. “We hope that with some more awareness, we can find more people who are able to give back as a Christmas Neighbour so we can keep spreading the holiday spirit to as many children, parents and seniors as possible.”


Between the Christmas Neighbour program, the Christmas Bureau and regular food hampers, the Food Bank expects to help more than 5,000 people in December.


“A lot of people are having a hard time right now and Christmas just adds extra expenses and stress,” said Thuro. “While December is our busiest month, the number of people accessing our food bank has almost doubled since 2021 and we’re doing our best to keep up with all the needs every month.”


Those interested in becoming a Christmas Neighbour can apply by November 24th at