back2school-in-backapckHeading back to school can be a total mix of emotions.

Do you remember heading back to school as a kid?  Do you remember the total mix of emotions that came with it? I certainly do. I remember the anticipation of attending a new class, the excitement of seeing school friends again, and the pride in showing off my first day of school outfit. I even remember the forgotten smell of the early morning air during the crisp walk to school. And while my family didn’t necessarily have the best of everything, I always knew that I was taken care of and that my lunch box was full.


One of our volunteers recently shared a letter with me that they received from a single mom who had just lost her husband. To ensure that her daughter had all that she needed, the mother made many sacrifices that you or I might take for granted. She didn’t have a car or a cell phone, and often went without eating so that her daughter could have what was needed for school. This, unfortunately, still wasn’t enough. They were still hungry.

Many families exhaust all resources

before asking for help.

I tried, as a mother, to imagine myself in this scenario. Would I give up a meal for my daughter? Without hesitation. Would I sacrifice my car and my cell phone? Of course I would. The more that I though about it, however, the more complicated it got. How would I get a hold of a bus schedule if I didn’t have a phone or a computer to “google it”? How would I look up the right number to call? Do I even have a phone book? I’m not sure that I even remember how to use one…that’s embarrassing!
Starfish backpack with girl portrait

heartThe amazing part of this program is not just that kids are being fed, but that their test scores, attitudes, and participation rates are all improving.

After trying to put myself in her shoes, and considering all the conveniences that I take for granted, I began to scratch the surface of understanding the countless difficulties that so many in our city experience.


Thankfully for this family, Starfish Pack program was available in their school. Today, because of their help, they both get to eat, and they don’t need to worry about where their weekend meal will come from.


That’s not all. The amazing part of this program is not just that kids are being fed, but that their test scores, attitudes, and participation are all improving. Moreover, they are healthy and happy. One principal has said that—for the first time ever—all her students are meeting expectations in math. Another said that there are fewer outbursts and less “office visits.” And one even said that the students  are coming to school with a smile on their face because they know they are loved. These are remarkable changes.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people,

then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa



We have such an incredibly generous community.  Together we were able to help 252 children last year. That is 252 children who are now seeing improvements in their lives. Man, it feels good to make a difference! If you’re interested in partnering with Starfish Pack, we would love your support for this school year—and so would the kids. $525 fills one backpack for one child in Abbotsford for the whole school year. $52.50 fills a backpack for a month. Yes, I’ll help!


We are so thankful for the strength of our community. Together we make a difference and are able to lift each other up.