2018 Sponsor Stories

We are so thankful to all the people who were able to sponsor families and seniors this Christmas. Here are just a few of the Sponsor’s stories.

“This was my first year sponsoring a family and it was so amazing to get to do. I feel that the perfect family was picked for me. They were so kind and so gracious.…. The mom and I just stood in her living room and cried for about 10 minutes together. It was such a touching moment to think that I could play a small part in the life of this family. As a single woman, I think the best part for me was knowing they would all get to be together and enjoying the holiday. And I truly believe giving is contagious. When my brother and sister in law heard I had adopted a family, they were intrigued and each adopted a family of their own. So in total, 6 adults and 19 well deserving kiddos were a little bit spoiled this year. It’s something I will never forget.” – Amy

“Dropping the hamper off is always a humbling experience for our teachers because we see needy families right in our own community of which we weren’t previously aware.  One of the ladies this year asked us to tell something to our class from her story.  She said that she had always had these preconceived ideas about ‘people who needed help’, and suddenly she found herself being one of those people.  She never intended to be in the spot she is in, but sometimes life’s circumstances take us down a road we didn’t expect.  She was most appreciative of what was delivered, and she hoped that she would one day be able to be on the helping side again.” –MEI middle school

“We absolutely loved the family we sponsored this year.  When we dropped off their gifts, they gave us a Christmas photo of their family.  The kids were so excited to see us and showed us their playroom and pets.  They had made us coffee and cookies when we arrived and we had a wonderful time chatting with them and watching the kids play together.  They were absolutely lovely and we are so grateful that they welcomed us so warmly into their home.” – Ruth

“The family we were matched with was so appreciative from the moment I first contacted the mom.  We kept in touch a few times leading up to the day we were delivering to their home.  When we delivered their food and gifts, the mom had a Christmas card with a picture of the family on Santa’s knee, as well as she took the time to write a long letter about their situation and how thankful they were for help and how she plans to be able to pay it forward when her situation improves.  Then on Christmas day, I received a very heartfelt text thanking us for making their day so special.” – Tamara

“We got to Sponsor a gentleman named Robert, he was so humble. His story touched my heart and everyone I talked to. He was so welcoming, the girls from this team felt so good when he asked them questions about a resent competition they had, he had also made a slide show with music from where there competition was, it was playing on his TV and the girls thought he was so great, it was so kind of him to do something for them, we were not expecting it. We loved sponsoring Robert and we hope he felt loved and cared about.” – Academy of Cheer

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Interested in participating next year? Keep your eye out for info about the Christmas Bureau October 2019.

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2018 Sponsor Stories

We are so thankful to all the people who were able to sponsor families and seniors this Christmas. Here are […]

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