Food Bank Takes Bite Out of Climate Crisis

The Food Bank is taking a bite out of the climate crisis. You’ve seen the news headlines and the Netflix specials. Over 40% of food grown or raised in North America is wasted. We want to show how you are making a positive environmental change when you partner with the Food Bank of Abbotsford.

The Food Waste Problem


Food waste is a literal waste of resources – all the while people are going hungry in Abbotsford. Not only that, but it’s also one of the greatest emitters of greenhouse gases on the planet. Few people are offering tangible ways to combat the issue. Naturally, the Food Bank is motivated to be a bridge between the problem and solution. That’s why with your help, we are making it easy to leave a positive impact.

Solution to Pollution

Food Hierarchy



To fight the food waste issue we launched the Fresh Food Recovery Program in partnership with Food Mesh, a local non-profit with the same heart. Since July 2019, we have been recovering food from local grocery stores with the help of many volunteers. The program benefits the planet and all partners by running 7 days a week. Each day the food is picked up and brought back to the Food Bank where volunteers are ready and waiting to sort the fresh food. With their help we are able to recover fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, and protein.


Room for Growth


Sometimes we receive more produce than we can distribute in a day. Thankfully, we are able to share the produce with 15 other local charities. The food that cannot be consumed, we make available for livestock and animals-that includes 7 farms and a charity benefiting animals. Compost is the last measure of defense. This fresh, healthy food not only impacts our guests, other local charities, and farms – it has a profound impact on our environment. By recovering food over 6 months the program has reduced Co2 emissions in Abbotsford by 227 tons – that is equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road. Reduction of Co2 emissions is going to increase as the program expands next month. We are adding another grocery store to our food recovery list. We expect to decrease emissions by another 25%!


A Little Goes a Really, Really Long Way

The combination of amazing partners, volunteers, and innovative thinking make this program extremely affordable. In fact, it only takes $169 to feed 188 people fresh food each day. We need your help to be able to expand the program to feed more people fresh food and reduce food waste.


Monthly Gift



Each month we feed over 3,000 people through Archway Food Bank distribution centre.
40% of the people we feed are children.