Volunteer Week 2021

Since July of 2020 Archway Food Bank has had 300 people raise their hand to say “yes, I want to use these hands to help.” We would have never survived this pandemic without the courageous help of our current and new volunteers. The diversity of volunteers that stepped up has enriched our pandemic experience. Meeting new faces and saying, let’s lean on each other (figuratively!) through this tough year, has lifted our spirits when we all needed it most.

“I started volunteering last year when we couldn’t go to school anymore, I wanted something to preoccupy myself, I thought that helping others would be a good way.” – Sofia

After they found out seniors were isolated in their homes, they volunteered to deliver fresh food directly to their doors. When students couldn’t meet with current friends, they branched out and met new friends at the food bank. When some community kitchens had to close, our volunteers pitched in to process food so more people could have access to the fresh produce. When communication was a barrier, volunteers translated and ensured culturally appropriate food were getting to families.


We’re so thankful to each person who chose to give back and make our community stronger by volunteering at the Food Bank. Some volunteers have been volunteering for over 10 years, while others have just begun. No matter how long one has volunteered, all have discovered that they come to help out, only to find themselves benefiting just as much. The comradery found at the Food Bank crosses generational, racial, religious and income lines and enriches each person. It’s a beautiful and well-deserved gift. We are so thankful for each person who chose to share their gift of time with us at the Food Bank.


Please enjoy this video that highlights a few of our Volunteers.


Videographer: Fify Loewen
Video Editor: Meghan Kellington
Blog Post: Rebecca Thuro